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Toio Luff Ultra Light Jacket

Toio Luff Ultra Light Jacket

Toio team jacket woman

Toio team jacket woman

Toio reef chino trousers

Toio reef chino trousers

Model:  M06000T0

Description:  Jacket with technical water resistant, windproof, breathable fabric at front side. Back side and sleeves in comfortable pile. Front side pockets - Reflective insert at outside back collar - Adjustable bottom with coulisse -

Price:  £80.00

Stock: In Stock

Sale Discount: − 30%

Discount Price:  £56




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Windproof – Fabric that is wind-resistant does not allow air to penetrate through the core; this keeps the body temperature stable and enhances comfort.
Breathable – A breathable fabric efficiently wicks away sweat produced by physical exertion. When fabric is breathable, the body breathes naturally because the moisture caused by perspiration is quickly removed for added comfort. Breathability is usually indicated in terms of how many grams of moisture can pass through a square metre of fabric in a 24-hour period (g/m²/d).
Anti Pilling – Pilling protection treatment.
Easy Care
Water Resistant – Fabric that resist penetration of water but it’s not 100% full proof. Water resistant fabrics aren’t going to keep you from getting wet forever, but because they are so dense, it takes a lot longer for the water to penetrate.

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