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Mast sailing gloves short fingers


Mast sailing gloves long fingers

Mast sailing gloves long fingers

TOIO Sloop Backpack 25L

TOIO Sloop Backpack 25L

Model –  N23000T0

Description:  Short finger unisex sailing gloves in comfortable stretch fabric – Water repellent and anti-UV (UPF 50+) treatment on fabric, reinforced palms, adjustable neoprene cuff closure. FABRIC: Amara*, with UV (50+). *AMARA artificial leather. A synthetic leather, made of 60% polyamide and 40% polyurethane, which is not only weatherproof, but also soft and comfortable. Additionally it offers an excellent grip.

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UV Protection – A fabric provides UV PROTECTION when it has UPF30+ rating, which means it effectively blocks solar ultraviolet radiation from reaching the skin. This UV protection is obtained thanks to the special construction of the fabric or to the use of very tight weaves (microfiber) or by finishing the fabric with a titanium-based UV filter.
Comfortable – A garment made to comply with the principal standards of comfort, from the choice of fabric to the study of the human body's ergonomics.
Durable Material – Fabric made to withstand wear and tear through weathering and repeated use over a relatively long period.

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